The Types and Causes of Industrial Accidents Explained

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As industries continue to embrace developments in technology, the risk of accidents continues to rise. With this in mind, it is important for management to put in place safety standards that will protect their workers from any accidents or injuries. Employers should ensure the protection of their workers through the responsible action of others. The negligent act of the employer and other employees may contribute to industrial accidents.

Industrial accidents come in different types depending on the severity, durability, and degree of injury. If the accident resulted to the death or prolonged disability of an employee, it is called a major accident. On the other hand, if a cut or injury does not result to disability to an employee, it is called a minor accident. In addition, if the accident caused the employee to be disabled for a short period of time, it is called temporary accident. An accident that caused long term disability to an employee is called permanent accident.

There are several factors that can contribute to industrial accidents. It is worth noting that accidents may not have a single cause but a multiplicity of causes, which are often related to each other. Industrial safety experts have classified the causes of accidents into three broad categories:

Unsafe Conditions

Unsafe conditions are the biggest cause of workplace accidents. They are the result of defective equipment, faulty layout and location of plant, inadequate lighting arrangement and ventilation, unsafe storage, and others.
In addition, there are also psychological factors that contribute to unsafe working conditions such as working overtime, monotony, fatigue, tiredness, frustration, and anxiety.

Unsafe Acts

Sometimes, it is the unsafe act of the employee that brings about industrial accidents. Their lack of knowledge and skills, bodily defects and wrong attitude that cause them to be involved in an accident or get injured.

Other Causes

These causes are due to unsafe situational and climatic conditions and variations. It may include excessive noise, very high temperature, humid conditions, bad working conditions, unhealthy environment, slippery floor, and others.

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