Effects of a Criminal Charge on One’s Career

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Like all other legal professionals, a Dallas criminal defense lawyer knows full well what sorts of troubles, inconveniences and limitations a criminal charge or, worse, a conviction, will have on a person’s life. The many negative effects of a criminal record extends beyond the courtroom; and while total honesty and the determination to assert that a wrong committed in the past was, indeed, a big, first and last mistake, many others are not fortunate enough, that even a simple case of misdemeanor would suffice to debunk any effort to attaining a good life.

While a criminal charge does not yet pronounce a person as guilty (or not guilty) of the crime he/she is being accused of, such person may still be held in custody while awaiting the final outcome of his/her case. If employed, this will have a major effect on his/her employment; thus the first thing he/she ought to think of, after an arrest and charge, is immediate release through:

  • Promise to Appear – a document signed by a person after his/her arrest, wherein he/she promises to appear on a specific date in court for his/her arraignment, trial or judgment.
  • Release on your own Recognizance (ROR) – also known as personal recognizance (PR) or own recognizance (OR), is a written promise signed by a defendant, who is pending trial, promising to appear in future court hearings and not take part in any illegal activity
  • Posting bail if the request for a release on your own recognizance (ROR) has been denied.

For those involved in medical healthcare, such as nurses and doctors, being charged with an act that is held as a violation of any of a State Medical Board’s stipulations is a cause of real worry, as such charge can mean suspension of the license they worked so very hard for to attain. The most disturbing thing for medical healthcare professionals is that, if proven guilty of an offense, they will suffer damage in their reputation and, probably, the end of their means of livelihood.

A Texas medical license lawyer knows how stressful it is for a medical expert to be subjected under a state inquiry for investigation and defense of his/her license; thus, this is one time when such lawyer’s expertise is an absolute necessity for the accused.

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